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API's part 2 - Send yourself an SMS with Vonage


By the end of this tutorial you will have:

  • Sent yourself an SMS using the Vonage API


From the previous tutorial you learnt how HTTP requests work, the different between GET and POST and status codes. If you need a refresher pop back to the previous tutorial to remind yourself.

Exercise - Send yourself an SMS with the Vonage API

Vonage Logo

In the following Vonage API tutorial you will create an account, and send yourself an SMS. Just a heads up, it will involve you creating an account and giving your phone number.

When signing up select NodeJS as your language. NodeJS is a runtine enviroment that allows you to run JavaScript on the server than in the browser which is what you would’ve been doing if you’ve followed our first few JavaScript tutorials.

Send yourself an SMS with the Vonage API

This ends our sponsored Vonage tutorial API’s part 2 - Send yourself an SMS with Vonage. Is there something you don’t understand? Try and go through the provided resources with your coach. If you have any feedback, or can think of ways to improve this tutorial send us an email and let us know.