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Introduction to Ruby

Installing Ruby

Before you begin, you must have Ruby installed on your machine. There are a couple of different ways you can get ruby setup.

We recommend using a version manager (you are only able to do that if you are on a UNIX based system like OS X or Linux), so that you can manage different Ruby versions.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble you can create an account on Cloud9 which gives you a ready environment that you can use in the browser.

Ruby in 100 minutes

There are some great tutorials out there, so to understand Ruby basics we will be going through JumpStart Lab’s Ruby in 100 minutes.

The tutorial is open source, so if you have anything to add to it, you can issue a pull request to the project on Github.

This ends our Introduction to Ruby tutorial. Is there something you don’t understand? Try and go through the provided resources with your coach. If you have any feedback, or can think of ways to improve this tutorial send us an email and let us know.